About PAK
PAK Education, affiliated with the Pan-Asia International Education Center, continues the Center’s decade-long dedication to assisting thousands of students. It is uniquely established to provide students in the Asia-Pacific region with advanced international higher education programs in masters and doctoral studies. Beyond fostering the growth of higher education, PAK Education also aims to pass on practical business knowledge, diverse business perspectives, and opportunities for networking and business collaboration, which are core to our vision.

We aspire to revolutionize learning through a flipped, blended approach. Our courses are not limited to traditional lectures but involve delivering knowledge through recorded videos, supplemented by live sessions for case discussions and group interactions. This method enables students to not only passively receive theoretical knowledge but also actively participate in constructing and applying knowledge, achieving true practical learning.

Core Value

Human centric core beliefs

Assisting others in continuous growth, developing towards each individual's aspired goals

Social connections and resource mutual assistance between people, where honesty is the fundamental element

Embracing change and uncertainty, maintaining a curious and experimental mindset towards surrounding matters
Education open doors in your career
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